Our Expertise On

Strategic Hybrid Leadership.

We support individuals, teams and organisations to build hybrid leadership capability that defines their future-fit vision for high quality service delivery. We encourage a multi-layered process of data analysis, technological readiness, capability development and resource mobilisation.


Our Expertise On

Governance and Institutional Reform.

Our diverse team of experts will come together to assess your needs and design bespoke recommendations that are benchmarked and measured against performance metrics and delivery standards. We provide ongoing monitoring and evaluation services to ensure that projects are executed effectively.


Our Expertise On

Service Design for Operational Delivery.

We use our expertise in organisational design and development (OD&D) to review and enhance the suitability and productivity of available resources . We can either update existing service architecture or collaborate with you to create new and more agile versions. Our approach is always driven by the desire to improve the quality of your services and the experiences of your clients.

Our support framework will encourage a deep dive into the required values, foundational knowledge, relatable skills and the sustainable behaviours for frontline service delivery.


Our Expertise On

User Experience and Behaviour Change Architecture.

We use principles of Nudge theory to help you present messages and desired outcomes in simple ways that encourage your people to attempt new habits that grow into sustainable behaviours. We work with you to design practical interventions with beneficial results for your people, the organisation and stakeholders.


Our Expertise On

Innovation Barazas.

A Baraza is an East African word for a communal place of gathering. We will create development away days for you and your teams to reignite relationships and collaborate. We will support you with some highly innovative activities to design a vision of the future you want to see; packed with practical and measurable steps on how to get there!